Some tips and tricks for getting that coveted sun-kissed glow.

For everyone that has asked me where I got my fairy dust! What the guide doesn’t tell you is that using the item isn’t limited to yourself: Target another player and use it and they’ll glow instead! The effect also stacks, so get a bunch of friends who also have the Goldensun Essence and use it on the same person to turn them into a walking nightlight! Try it at parties, it’s fun!


  • The Goldensun Dawngrazer spawns at exactly 22:00 game-time. Use /time to find out what time it is. This is easier than using real time or counting the four hours.
  • You must be in a party with the Scientist doing the scanning.
  • The grazer spawns in the big open area near Wigwalli Village where the kurg caravan was attacked.
  • There is a bug that will cause the grazer to not drop the item on scan if the person scanning it already has the item, or if you’re not close enough to it. The Scientist needs to discard the item before scanning (You’ll get it back) and all party members need to stand close to the grazer. I’ve also heard that having the glow effect buff already active will cause the same bug.

You don’t actually have to be in the party with the Scientist. I’ve tested that extensively. Any Scientist who scans it will cause the item to drop and anyone nearby can pick it up as long as you’re the same faction.

Oh and before I forget, I don’t think he’s spawned in the open area near Wigwaili for a while now. I’ve done around 15 runs on the Goldensun Essence in the last few days helping friends get the glow and never once did he spawn there - he spawned just next to the trees on the hill. 

22:00 hours is definitely a good time to aim for but if you’re not online at that time, you’ll need to be able to count 4 hours from a specific time and it’s a little hard to calculate the in game time speed.